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Teddies Music Club

Sing, dance and play

Jump in to a live music and singing experience with dancing, percussion instruments, story songs and more. Teddies Music Club aims to inspire a lifelong love of music through their interactive music sessions where children, parents and carers come together to create live music in a relaxed and friendly environment. Enjoy a wonderful shared activity for children and adults alike!

Click here to download your colouring picture of Little Bunny Frou-Frou


“I have been coming to Teddies for almost five years with both of my daughters. My fiends and I call it “Prozac for mums”. Its been great for my children in terms of language development and socializing with other children. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

S. RadnedgeMum of Grace 6 yrs, Bea 3 yrs

“Teddies is the best thing you can give your pre-scholl children. My children (Jai and Jiya) never missed a week!”

Natasha Don(Windsor mum singng at Teds for 5 years)

“My little girl has been singing and bouncing along at Teddies since she was three months old and is now nearly three. She loves it and we sing the songs all week long! Now her six month old brother joins in too.”

Mummy of Zara and Leo

“There’s really nothing else quite like Teddies, live music for little kids. WE LOVE IT!”

Alex Paterson

“My children both came to Teddies, from babies onwards, with their childminder. Music has opened so many doors to them. They have sung in choirs all over the world and have both gone on to study music at Cambridge. It didn’t come from us, as me and my husband are totally unmusical !”

Sandy Roberts

The highlight of the week, don’t think the week is the same without it, and the kids love it too!!

Jackie RolletMother of four

‘You don’t appreciate the difference between live music sessions and recorded music sessions until you experience it. Teddies is like nothing else!’

Laura ScateProfessional nanny, singing at Teds for past 6 years

Music Sessions

Inspiring children through music and art.

  • Live music, a singer and musician at every session

  • Drop in classes - no termly fee

  • 40 minutes of wonderful singing, playing and dancing with a little musical theatre to finish.

  • Our fabulous collection of rhymes and songs stimulate language and vocabulary

  • Action songs, singing games and dancing enhance music and movement and encourage co-ordination

  • Free refreshments and original colouring pictures

The Children’s Gallery

At last – a gallery of pictures especially for children! Pictures that can be personalised and are ideal for bedroom and nursery walls.


We have five CDs of all the children’s favorite songs, a mixture of traditional and new. Plus two DVDs of our live shows. These have proved immensely popular with families locally and around the world!