Month: April 2020

Good News: Teddies Online is now only £1.99 monthly!!

We’ve had such an amazing response to our 2 month free trial for Teddies Online, now 550 subscribers! We really want to keep our online content going out as widely as possible during these difficult times, so we have reduced the monthly subscription rate to just £1.99 per month. That’s equivalent to only 46p per… continue reading

Teddies gets the thumbs up!

Teddies has received some wonderful coverage from the media. To our great excitement the national paper, ‘The Week’ has included us in their list of top, free resources for children! We really hope we can reach out to more families across the country and help them get through this national cabin fever crisis! We’ve also… continue reading

Toddlerobics: a Facebook Phenomenon

Zita had been chatting to her family, who were keen to get exercising with their children using online classes like Joe Wicks, but were frustrated because the moves are too advanced for them. It got Zita wondering what could be done for younger children? Toddlers don’t like organised exercises but do love silly moves and catchy… continue reading

Wash your dirty hands!

Before lockdown Claire and Zita recorded this song to help little ones have fun washing their hands properly. Available on our Faceboo犀利士 k page, YouTube channel and Teddies Online.