Zita had been chatting to her family, who were keen to get exercising with their children using online classes like Joe Wicks, but were frustrated because the moves are too advanced for them. It got Zita wondering what could be done for younger children? Toddlers don’t like organised exercises but do love silly moves and catchy music. 

In a lightbulb moment Zita remembered that she’d done a series of books called Toddlerobics for just that purpose and that she had asked Anthony England, the musician who helped Teddies record their CDs, to create the funky music for them.

So Zita has made a music video with actions from the first book and it went out on 2nd April as part of Teddies free music resources. It got 10,000 Facebook hits on the first day and has now reached over 280,000 people. We’ve had children doing the moves in Essex, Liverpool, the Scottish Highlands and as far away as New Zealand! We love the idea of people exercising to Todderobics all around the world – we may even go viral!

‘So cute! All of my kids have loved this!’ – April Rogers